a word used to describe a person who is not only uncool but is the most uncool person in the room and thereby cannot be referred to as a wing.
A: You're a wing!!
B: Sorry, but you're the wingmaster...
C: Oh shit!!
by Inferno Reign December 20, 2005
Top Definition
This is the term for a male who performs oral sex on a female during her time of the month. The "wings" form around his mouth from the "discharge". The KFC commercial is a disgusting reference to this, using buffalo sauce instead.
Yo, I can't believe you are a wing master!
by SiclianaSFTONY April 02, 2004
Some one that was on a kfc advertisment that would eat a lot of wings
I killed the wing master
by Corey D. January 31, 2004
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