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A unhardcore way to drink, a sugarcoated version of malt liquor
Yum, pass that red wine cooler
by polska nikki~ May 15, 2005
Alcohol for pussies and/or chodes.
Andrewer loves wine coolers; especially Sea Breeze
by Nitch October 12, 2006
A low-content, not-so-intense alcoholic drink, usually flavored as a fruit drink.

Wine coolers are frequently had with meals and such to consume alcohol, yet not get much of a buzz off it.

They are also considered a pussy alcoholic beverage when someone attempts to get drunk entirely off of wine coolers.
"I needed something to ease my mind without getting drunk, so I had a wine cooler with dinner."
by Lahr November 14, 2006
A sissy drink. Something sissys think is cool.
Carl the chode drinks wine coolers cuz hes a fuckin sissy.
by cartman5000 July 21, 2004
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