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In Caribbean dancing, to "wine" is to gyrate the mid-section of body, specifically the waist and hips (pelvis).

The word "wining" is broken English for the word "winding", as in "a long and winding road". Winding describes something that is coiling, circling, rotating, or snaking.

"Wine" is not to be confused with the word "whine" which means to complain or to make a whining sound.
Come on, dance! Move your hips! Wine your waist!
by Bella2005 November 18, 2010
52 23
An open sourcewindows emulator for linux made so that you can run windows programs with limited success through linux.
I used WINE to play counter-strike, but it was slow.
by firefox user August 22, 2004
119 101
A form of dirty dancing, similar to grinding, usually seen at carnival time and on the dance floors of red-hot nightclubs. Usually preformed to music such as Sean Paul.
'I was wining on Simeon all night long'
by Tionnez October 22, 2003
85 74
sleep enhancer
When i drink wine, my boyfriend doesnt snore anymore.
by Diva Kim September 20, 2009
16 8
The greatest, most badass person to ever live.
Muther fucking Wines. Biatch
by Phil Cutre September 17, 2008
16 9
*A type of sexy dance involving gyrating the hips. ^.^

*One of MANY forms of alcohol, in fact a religious drink. Takes hundreds of years of age to taste great.
"Wine it baby. ^-^ "

"Whoa, this is the blood of Christ? Wow he must've been drunk 24/7!"
by Dave January 09, 2005
49 42
Great for birthdays, special occasions, and hot summer nights. Side effects may include honesty, "free-ing your mind", letting go, 12 orgasms in a row when added to sexual intercourse, and a pounding headache.

Warning: May end up all over the floor.
Let's all drink this wine and start snogging eachother.
by StupidBeyotchhhhhhh May 27, 2011
6 1