A time to step away from your computer, enjoy some wine and cheese, and socialize with your teammates. First celebrated in 'The Cave' at the original GooglePlex, this time-honored tradition dates back to 2002.

Currently being resurrected by LetsPodre of the Retail vertical.
"Hey, are you going to the Wine Down?" - John
"Yeah, I could use a break from work, and I need to catch up with my coworkers" - Becky
"I'm definitely going, I heard there's going to be cheese" - George
by LetsPodre October 08, 2007
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When A Female Drops Down In The Middle Of A Dirty Dance And Then Slowly Comes Back Up. Can be Used To Pleasure A Male!
Wine Down On Me Baby
by Nay___<3 June 27, 2007
Derivative of wind-down, but involving alcohol of some sort, usually wine. Where wine is unavailable, beer or cider may substitute. A wine-down occurs the day after a session or a heavy night of drinking. It may lead to another session, but usually consists of drinking to ease the hangover.
I am actually dying... only thing for it, a wine-down.
by asknicelee April 06, 2010

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