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A negative accusation alluding to someone who is mentally impaired.
Look at Ray making a fool of himself. He's such a window-licker.
by soitgoes.963 June 25, 2010
retarded people.
ones who sit on the short bus and lick the windows.

im surrounded by window lickers.
that guy is a window licker.
did you see the bus full of window lickers

by NorwalkAfternoon February 12, 2009
When your cousin is so retarded everybody thinks he licks windows.
Guy1: "Dude your cousin is really retarded."

Guy2: "Ya I know, after all he IS a window licker."
by Squirt56yz June 03, 2014
Noun: Derogatory term used to describe a mentally disabled person or more typically a Dublin Bird, particularly from Swords....and whose initials are EM.
Kieran’s Buddy: Come here, will you look at the cut of that bird down the back of that bus, missing half her teeth and dribbling all over herself? What a window licker.
Kieran: Ya, She’s from Swords and her names Ellan Marry!
Kieran’s Buddy: Makes sense I suppose....WINDOW LICKERRR
Kieran: Word to your mother
by KierBooo January 04, 2014
A slang term for someone who is very slow or dim-witted.
First Guy: Dude, what's with Paul?

Second Guy: I'm pretty sure he rode the short bus and was a window-licker.

First Guy: Well that explains the helmet.
by ChubbyPuppy0093 April 14, 2011
A brand new Private who just entered basic training, and is called this due to the stunned look and apparent lack of jaw control when said Private arrives at his/her basic training company and sees his/her drill sergeants for the first time.
Private Snuffy you dumb ass window licker, quit gawking and get your ass off of my bus!
by justjeansandboots March 29, 2013
A bluedog who keeps the inside of the windows clean on the special bus to windsor.
As a linfield bus goes by: "there goes a bus full of window lickers".
by entellektuall soopeerior July 24, 2011