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To drag your bare ass, preferably one that is hot, sweaty and mungy, down the driver's side windshield of someone's car to intentionally smear and smudge the glass.
Carl was out for a late night jog when he spotted his ex-girlfriend's car at his friends house. He gave her car a quick window wipe.
by Imma Hyman Ripper January 21, 2016
A very arousing self-orgasmic sexual technique done by inserting your penis all the way into any insertable and penetrable object and moving your hips in a circular motion like wiping a window and then ejaculating inside while still maintaining that same circular motion.
1: Dude, I finally window wiped my girl's ass the other night!

2: So Karina, did you let David window wipe you yet?

3: Leland told me that after he was done window wiping his girl he gave her a hot jiminy for watching some BBM porn.
by Darren Louis April 15, 2008
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