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He used to be cool on That 70's show when he didn't try to be all gangster and shit. Now he's just some fuckin' poser who hosts a funny show called 'Yo momma'. In the end, he gives the winner $1,000, pretty fuckin' lame if you ask me. $1,000 for potential future beefs with other mu'fuckers around the winner's hood doesn't justify that shit. Dude, you're rich, What the fuck man?

Watch the episode of Ashton Kutcher's "Punk'd" where they punk Wilmer and you'll see how much of a pussy he is.
"Where the Hell did Wilmer Valderrama get the idea he was a fuckin' thug ass nigga? Get in where you fit in dude and go back to doing COOL shows.
by Raw Doggy April 04, 2010
A fag poser who hosts a gay t.v. show on mtv where the cheap ass gives away 1000 dollars to the winner of his gay joke "battles"
" The only reason people know that stupid ass Wilmer Valderrama is because he plowed mandy moore and lindsay lohan."
by Rusty Williams September 17, 2006
Fez: (reading his car): Fez has a tiny -- I do not! It's perfectly normal based on all the other ones I've seen. (Hyde ~looks~ at Fez) I only look for comparison. Well, if Jackie wants war, I'll give her a war.
Hyde: Whatever you say, Tiny.
Fez: Hey, if it's so small, why would I name it Big John

Wilmer Valderrama
by Coryblount August 20, 2006
Wilmer Valderrama is a sexxxyyy Venezuelan who thinks $1000 "cash-money" is a descent amount for prize money on his show Yo Momma. He told Howard Stern about deflowering Mandy Moore and and having sex with Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, and Jennifer Love Hewitt, who denied it. He has a nice ass too . . .
Stella: Who's that ghetto Hispanic on Yo Momma?
Tabitha: That's Wilmer Valderrama, Lohan's ex.
by @#$%Stella August 22, 2006
The really hot guy who hosts 'Yo Momma' on MTV. He has that really cute way of saying 'a thousand dollars in cash-moneeeeey'!!!!!!!!!!! ack! I LOVE HIM!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!
I love Wilmer Valderrama!!! How could you not!!!??? that hair... that voice... swoon!!!!
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