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Carmelo Anthony is a professional basketball player on the Denver Nuggets of the NBA. He was drafted with 3rd pick in the 2003 nba draft after winning a championship in Syracuse. He has had two signature shoes: the Nike Jordan Carmelo 1.5 and Air Jordan Carmelo 5.5. He LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are considered the bright future stars of the NBA.
Carmelo Anthony just scored 45 on the sixers.
by Coryblount August 20, 2006
Fez: (reading his car): Fez has a tiny -- I do not! It's perfectly normal based on all the other ones I've seen. (Hyde ~looks~ at Fez) I only look for comparison. Well, if Jackie wants war, I'll give her a war.
Hyde: Whatever you say, Tiny.
Fez: Hey, if it's so small, why would I name it Big John

Wilmer Valderrama
by Coryblount August 20, 2006
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