As you get older, there will be times when you are surrounded by youth. You may know some of them. You may be related to some of them. For the most part, you find then annoying. They are primarily dumb shits who don’t understand what should be obvious. One man child will stand out. He will have wisdom beyond his years. You will see this in his eyes. He will be the one who will be the link between the ages or perhaps a language barrier. This man child will help you negotiate the delicate chasm of age, culture or language. Any negotiation or deal assisted by this man child is called a willet
I was in deep shit but my nephew’s friend gave me a willet.
by jimbolima June 04, 2010
Top Definition
Performance enhancing drugs. Inspired by "Lifetime Drug Free Athlete" Jeff Willet.
That boy gained 30 pounds of muscle in 2 months, he must be on them willets!
by Yung Swole August 22, 2013
a willet is a dry pices of poo that gets caught in your pubic bum hair
do you have willets?
by dangleberrydave June 23, 2005
A rare group of individuals keenly interested in boobs (male or female) and poo (male or female) and, not so suprisingly, nothing else.

co-worker: "You're one of them there Willets aren'tcha?"

subject: "Poo...boobs...poo."

friend of co-worker: "He's crazie! We GOTTA put this on Urban Dictionary! That would be so COOL!"
by e.j.s.l.t.m.c.a.j.s.m.j.j.m. September 03, 2005
the bit of excrement left on your penis after anal sex
i could tell she had had curry last meal from the willet she left on my dick
by Mr. Chodebury February 28, 2005
Slang term for women's breasts.
Like tits, boobs, jugs.
Get ya willets out, show us ya willets
by scott g January 06, 2005
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