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Term used in neolithic times which is thus translated into "Thou who shall fuck Harshly". Also common as a last name.
Bill: Wow you look tired.
Mary: Yes i am, I had sex with a Wilkinson last night.
Bill: Well arnt you a lucky lady. Who was the Fine young Wilkinson?
Matt: Why that would be me.
by Unknown Wilkinson November 29, 2009
(v) the act of inserting one's penis into someone's nostril for sexual arousal.
Brian gave Erin a great wilkinson last night.
by hemple April 11, 2006
A badass family known for making cannons, shaving products, knights, karate dojos, and really awful 16-Bean soup for Church Events.
Hey look, it's Jake Wilkinson.
by dudejay2000 April 23, 2009
A word used in late 2011 in new smart phone auto-complete dictionary's, as a joke to when typing the work "will".
Every time Jen sends a txt to Derek, Will you be over soon, is changed to Wilkinson be over you soon.
by Geeky73 June 30, 2013