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Some irrationality, un-knowing, silliness,
Uncontrollable, playable, digestiable, jung-tang,drugged
Tammy: How was the party, last night?
Mark: Ok, there was a wild girl there; wild. As, he shakes his head.
Tammy: Hey is that good or bad.
Mark: I think she drank something spiked.
Tammy: Your lucky she didn't eat your face-off.
by lil waynes mom August 09, 2012
16 12
out of control; amazingly out of this world; an unrestrainable amount of coolness; bitch ass
Dude, that party last night was wild.
by Kara April 10, 2004
290 100
adj.-something or someone that's really awesome!
chris:"i love you so much..."
natasha:"i love you're so wild..."


chris:"hey look at my spongebob belt buckle i just bought!"
natasha:"That's wild!"
by natie-poo August 21, 2007
90 54
used as a reference to saying "i wanna get fucked tonight" for low key sluts
gina: i usually get wild at parties
by wolf August 10, 2003
104 83
an adjective that means "very"
Yo it's wild cold out here!
by dpc9 July 06, 2006
94 91
A Philadelphia, PA radio station called Wild 106.7
Wild 106.7 is Philly's Hits & Hip-Hop

Yo dude, you heard that new jam on Wild

S&@t was exclusive
by nick11 July 09, 2013
6 6
A term used to describe how you feel after you've injected or smoked crystal methamphetamine (speed) and the kind of sex you are looking for. Most speed freaks are looking to "get wild" and have uninhibited bareback sex.
Looking for more Wild than Mild fun tonight. Prefer my sex more Wild than Mild. Looking for someone who wants to get Wild with me, rather than Mild.
by Waikikisunset April 06, 2011
37 38