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morrowind is the third game in the elder scrolls series, and the fourth game is in development! best game ever, took over 100 hours of my life, but i'd do it all over again in an instant.
dude my final character was like a lvl 54 khajiit thief/assassin with a 100 acrobatics/short blade/security/light armor skill, and had SICK armor (savior's hide). oh what melanie? you want to have no strings attached sex? no i'm playing morrowind.
by filthypoosnatch December 14, 2004
something that is so disgusting and gross that the two words had to be combined to accurately express the speaker's feelings.
good God did you see that scat porn? absolutely disgrossting in my opinion
by filthypoosnatch December 09, 2004
dilds dildos that happen to be wikkid
d00d dem b sum wikked dilds j00 got there! lemme stick sum up mah butt!
by filthypoosnatch December 05, 2004
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