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1. rule by amateurs 2. tyranny of an amateur minority 3. incompetent minority in a position of authority, usually trusted
Inaccuracies found on Wikipedia frequently persist despite expert contributions due to the aggressive editing of the wikiocracy.
#wikipedia #wikicrat #wikicratic #internet #government #tyranny #minority #elite
by panopticon7 August 10, 2007
n. From "wiki", the prefix of editable websites, and "-cracy" a suffix of different government types. Denotes a government where anyone can edit the laws, or a government where laws are followed by choice.
A person who advocates a wikiocracy is a "wikicrat".
There is a constitution, but in a wikiocracy, no one is made to follow it.

You don't have to go to court because we live in a wikiocracy.
#wiki #-cracy #wikicrat #dumocracy #government
by A_1_B_2_C_3_________________ September 30, 2006
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