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n. The average number of replies in a thread before a Nazi reference is made. Generally, Godwin's number is regarded to be twenty, based on the equation: G=(d(Q1)+d(Q2)+...+d(Q)n)/100*n^(-n)
where Qn is the intelligence of user n, n is the total number of forum users, and d is a damping function that prevents the intelligence (or lack there of) of one user to influence the others too much.
As he typed his polemic on the forum, John brought the discussion one step closer to Godwin's number.

To prevent discussions from getting out of hand, OmniForums will now calculate Godwin's number based on the first two threads.
by A_1_B_2_C_3_________________ September 30, 2006
adj. 1. Pertaining to the TV show "The Simpsons". From the Simpsons and -ian, a common adjective suffix.
2. (often cap. S) A museum dedicated to Simpson paraphenalia. From Simpson and Smithsonian, the institution that runs many of the museums in Washington, D.C.
1. "No one has a greater amount of simpsonian knowledge than John; he watches the show everyday."
2. After visiting the Flintstones Museum, the family went to the Simpsonian, where they saw original storyboards.
by A_1_B_2_C_3_________________ September 30, 2006
n. A government where people vote, but not the way the speaker would like them to.
"Of course George Bush won; America is a dumocracy!"

"Of course Bill Clinton won; America is a dumocracy!"

"It follows course that John Adams hath won the election; America is but a dumocracy!"
by A_1_B_2_C_3_________________ September 30, 2006
n. From "vanity" and "definition". An entry on Urban Dictionary, Wikipedia, or any editable website that only advertises a person, band, school, etc.
The name of your mother is not a legitimate entry, it is a vanidef.

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a list of vanidefs.
by A_1_B_2_C_3_________________ September 30, 2006
n. From "wiki", the prefix of editable websites, and "-cracy" a suffix of different government types. Denotes a government where anyone can edit the laws, or a government where laws are followed by choice.
A person who advocates a wikiocracy is a "wikicrat".
There is a constitution, but in a wikiocracy, no one is made to follow it.

You don't have to go to court because we live in a wikiocracy.
by A_1_B_2_C_3_________________ September 30, 2006
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