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Wiking (pronounced week-ing) is a term created by Walter Lawetzki and Greg Chacon. It is used when talking about Wikipedia. It is also used as Wiked (weeked). Its used in the same fashion as the term Google.
Person 1: "I was wiking South Park last night and i learned that."
Person 2: "Which episode? I wiked season 4 last week." it is
by lawetzki2 June 21, 2007
A 19year old man that spends the most of his time on IRC. When he's not on IRC, he plays computer games or drinks Absinth.
Wiking je pa zdej na ircu
by pwned January 02, 2005
(verb): the act of walking your bike to school because 1) youre dutch and 2) the weather is awful but you wike to school anyways
i ended up wiking to school because it was so icy
by ilovewiking December 07, 2010
to cass uncontralably, like when some one stabs you in the eye with a fork, or among those lines.

"Dude. stop wiking. its just a fork in your eye"
by qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolp!!!! February 12, 2010

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