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A wike is anyone who does not know what a wike is.

'Wike' can also just be used as an insult.
You are such a wike.
-A what?

Your mom is such a wike.
by MrPistachio June 22, 2010
(strob-ul-luh-bloff) Everything and anything. Used to spice up a sentence with dirtiness, hilarity, or just general confusion.
1. "We've got to strobblelablaugh our way to the finish line, gentlemen!"
2. "Hey baby, you down for me to strobble your blaugh?"
3. "Who do you think I am?! Strobblelablaugh to my face if you need to blaugh something!"
by MrPistachio July 06, 2011
The assault of one's testicles from behind. Generally, the victim is bent over, however a standing attack up the legs is also commonplace.

Often times, the assailant will yell "back sack attack!" either at contact, or after the strike is complete.
Winding up for a kick, Ben positioned himself behind a bent-over Matt. Using mostly the flick of his foot unto the scrotum, Ben yelled "Back sack attack!" before Matt ever got the chance to react. Devolving into his fetal position, Matt sat writhing in pain.
by MrPistachio February 09, 2013
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