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The act of using Wikipedia to gain knowledge on a subject.
Owned bitch I wiki'd that shit.
by IWorshipTheDevil November 23, 2009
Finding relevant information on Wikipedia.
I've Wiki'd Italy and it is a country.
by vanderplonk September 13, 2007
wicked, cool. used by ali g a lot.
wikid wikid, jungle is massive
by poppbitch July 20, 2006
Someone who uses Wikipedia to gather all of their current knowledge.
Person 1: Damn, did you see Johnny today? He answered every question on Jeopardy right today, hes a frigging genius!

Person 2: No he's just a Wikid like everyone else on there.
by Carricka July 11, 2008
To quickly look over information on or about something with the use of Wikipedia.
I know all about polar bears' digestive tracks after i wiki'd it.
by John Freemand February 21, 2010
an expression used when something is so wonderful due to information found on the free encyclopedia internet-site wikipedia.
"the lonely island is from berkeley, also the town where friend tess lives? WIKID!!"
by zibble December 30, 2007