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When someone creates or alters a Wikipedia page in order to abuse another
Wow Susanna I didnt know that you're a famous Drug Lord
-I'm not; Stephen brutally wiki-raped me and now I've lost my job
by reb07 May 31, 2010

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when an error in permissions on an online site allows any unauthenticated user to deface your site.
your site got wikiraped. hooray turks!
by Delano T. September 27, 2006
When you and a friend are in an argument where you both completely think you are right, and you use information from Wikipedia to prove your friend wrong.
Dylan: Dude, Jeffree Star was never part of Hollywood Undead.

Kody: He definitely was.

Dylan: Wanna bet?

(Dylan looks up info on wikipedia.)

Dylan: See, I told you, says so right here. Wikiraped!
by phatpat2435 July 28, 2009