an ultra pc site, I prefer urbandictionary
what's the worst website on the web

by didier April 24, 2007
Acronym for What I know Is.
WIKI Bush never intended to find those WMD.
by Whudunit June 22, 2005
The act of being a "premature ejactulator" because they are "fast" or in hawaiian, "wiki". Applied to one "Matthew" for which the basis of his reputation rests on, thus he gained this nickname for being the fastest. Other alternatives are "Premo", "Wiki-wiki" or "That guy with jizz in his pants".
Senario #1
*Leachy in a nightclub trying to pick up*
Leachy: Hey baby, I'm so wiki you wont have to feel ashamed.
Woman: Don't touch me.
...Two days later this woman filed a restraining order due to reasons unknown...

Senario #2
Guy 1: That porno was so hot, I pulled a wiki...
Guy 2: Dude, that wasn't porno, that was my Dad in the shower
Naveen: DANGer-ous!!!
by Ace Mulato May 06, 2005
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