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When you play the wii too much when you first buy it and your arms,legs,ect. hurt for like a week
"Damn I just got a wii and pulled my ass muscle now i have wii-itis"
by Shadoweyes September 03, 2008
A "Sport" injury contracted by playing too much Nintendo Wii. Injuries can include "tennis-elbow" from the Wii Tennis game or "Bowling Shoulder" from Wii Bowling. Please use extreme caution when playing Nintendo Wii.
Guy #1 Hey man! let's go clubbin'
Guy #2 Are you kidding? I've got a bad case of the "Wiiitis".
Guy #1 Too Much Warrior Wave, eh?
Guy #2 Ugh... I can hardly move!
by CNDraycott June 08, 2007
Wiiitis (pronounced "wee-eye-tis") is when muscles ache from playing too much Wii
"Dude, I can't play tennis today, I've got wiiitis from playing too much wii sports."
by 5l4y3r360 June 10, 2007
any kind of physical pain you can get from playing a Wii too frequently.
Guy 1: Man, my shoulder is killing me!
Guy 2: Well what happened 2 it?
Guy 1: I have been playing my Wii alot lately.
Guy 2: Sounds like u got Wiiitis ,dude.
by Zakia 112 June 09, 2007
wrist condition caused by overuse of the wii, sort of like carpral tunnel
I can't write cause of my wii-itis
by Thomas Flaherty March 27, 2008