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A "Sport" injury contracted by playing too much Nintendo Wii. Injuries can include "tennis-elbow" from the Wii Tennis game or "Bowling Shoulder" from Wii Bowling. Please use extreme caution when playing Nintendo Wii.
Guy #1 Hey man! let's go clubbin'
Guy #2 Are you kidding? I've got a bad case of the "Wiiitis".
Guy #1 Too Much Warrior Wave, eh?
Guy #2 Ugh... I can hardly move!
by CNDraycott June 08, 2007
Wiiitis (pronounced "wee-eye-tis") is when muscles ache from playing too much Wii
"Dude, I can't play tennis today, I've got wiiitis from playing too much wii sports."
by 5l4y3r360 June 10, 2007
When you play the wii too much when you first buy it and your arms,legs,ect. hurt for like a week
"Damn I just got a wii and pulled my ass muscle now i have wii-itis"
by Shadoweyes September 03, 2008
any kind of physical pain you can get from playing a Wii too frequently.
Guy 1: Man, my shoulder is killing me!
Guy 2: Well what happened 2 it?
Guy 1: I have been playing my Wii alot lately.
Guy 2: Sounds like u got Wiiitis ,dude.
by Zakia 112 June 09, 2007
wrist condition caused by overuse of the wii, sort of like carpral tunnel
I can't write cause of my wii-itis
by Thomas Flaherty March 27, 2008
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