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The main character of an online comic that is published sometimes daily.
Wigu's last name is Tinkle, his sister Paisley the goth, father the slacker porn star music writer, and mother who is a bank officer have strange adventures.

Wigu's best friend is the Super here Topato, who with the help of his assistant Sherrif Pony inhabit a place called 'butter dimension 3'

To explain how wigu parodies life, the brainwashing of small children by advertisers etc is something that cannot be explained in such a short forum as this.
If wigu were published daily, I'd be even happier.
by Luckeyhaskins June 04, 2003
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an online comic. It's funny.
I will distract him with a thousand tiny lightning-fast punches!
by .thieved April 21, 2003
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WIGU is a shortened version of the title of the Pussycat Dolls song "When I Grow Up" for IM converstions mainly:
Buddy: so wat music do u lyk?
Guy: em you no pop and rck stuff
Buddy: kl u lyk PCD?
Guy: OMG thr sng WIGU rox my sox :P
by October 07, 2008
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