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2 definitions by bethm26@hotmail.com

When you go mad at Christmas because of relatives coming over
when stores completly forgets about everything in their store and just fill it all with Christmas stuff.
"So what are you doing for Crimbo?"
"Aah , my old aunties and my ma' are coming over. I'm going Christmad!"

"Did you get those chips from the store?"
"No! The store's went completly Christmad! They stopped selling chips to make way for more mince pies!"
by bethm26@hotmail.com December 06, 2008
WIGU is a shortened version of the title of the Pussycat Dolls song "When I Grow Up" for IM converstions mainly:
Buddy: so wat music do u lyk?
Guy: em you no pop and rck stuff
Buddy: kl u lyk PCD?
Guy: OMG thr sng WIGU rox my sox :P
by bethm26@hotmail.com October 07, 2008