A young caucasion male usually between 12 to 25 years of age(although specimins as young as 7 and as old as 30 have been reported)who either thinks he is or wants to be black.They listen to extremely lame rap(lil waye,Birdman,50 cent,G-unit,Flo Rider,Souljah boi tellem and other foolishly and or fatally untalented rappers).Usually seen wearing imitation baseball caps,low cut t shirts,doo rags,bandanas,hoodies,tracsuitpants,skate shoes,sunglasses,chains and other assorted "bling bling"etc.The average wigger acts tough but is always a complete coward especially when alone so they always travel in huge packs and congregate on street corners and are seen harrassing elderly citizens and young children and bragging about how they 'beat up that cop'(lie)or how they 'robbed that asiasn cunts' store or how they 'fucked dat hot chick last friday'(also lies).Wiggers will only attack when in large numbers and when they do they show little mercy and signs of discipline,prefering to use human wave style tactics against the weakest and smallest prey in an attempt to reduce any other possible opponets will to fight.Although it is possible to physically beat off these attacks the best defense when alone is the use of wepons such as baseball bats,knives and in extreme cases firearms(even the smallest .22 pocket pistol will cause a gang of 300 wiggers armed with bats,knives etc to shit their pants 2 million times each and run away at full speed)and other lethal weapons.However when the opponent is in numbers(over 2 people)most gangs of wiggers even with weapons will be to scared to attack and will leave immediatly.The language of wiggers is although occaisionly humorous,is hard to understand as it is a rip off of ebonics which sounds very strange when spoken by a white male.Most commonly used words and phrases are Yo,Homie,Gat,Piece,how we do,bust a cap,wat up,its cool,dog,brutha,homeboy,girl,dick,fuck,cunt,shit,hater,crew,da,paya,sick and other idiotic terms.Despite their faults wiggers are highly succsessful breeders impregnating there ugly slut girlfriends with wretched babies who usually become wiggers themselves due too extreme lack of parental guidance.If old and intelligent enough for a drivers licence wiggers may aquire a car which is usually a piece of crap.wiggers spend thousands of dollars(source of money unkown) on useless modifications for their vehicles.Wiggers will have little or no respect for non black people but in the prescence of a black male they will morph into full on arselickers which the said black male will find pathetic(although humorous).Wiggers are terrified of the dark due to wigger folklore tales of multiracial gangs that stalk the streets at night hunting for lone wiggers,therfore wiggers will never go out at after dark unless acompanied by at least 4 "homeboys".The wigger scourge has spawned several sub species such as: Chavs(UK):similar to wiggers that have infested most of britain with no signs of slowing. Lads(AU):A multiracial version of the common british Chav that are becoming an increasing phenomenom in Australia. Ulehs(AU)Lads of Lebanese descent. Chigga's(US)Asian wiggers. Crab Gangsters(Worldwide)A sect of crab people that has abadoned its evil crab roots to pursue a more human lifestyle.Hated by all other crab people
bunch of wiggers on the corner:wigger 1:Yeah Bro i kicked that cunts arse wigger 2:yeh dawg he was playa hatin so he had it coming Old man walks past Wigger 3:Ay man wat yo lookin at Wigger 2:yeah old man get yo wrinkly arse out of here befor we fuck you up Wiggers surround old man and old man pulls out a gun Wigger 1:Yo dog why yo playa hatin? old man shoots all three.
by dinner dog August 03, 2009
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A male caucasion, usually born and raised in the suburbs that displays a strong desire to emulate African American Hip Hop culture and style through "Bling" fashion and generally accepted "thug life" guiding principles.

Often characterized by his car, or "whip": usually an econobox modified with at least twice the car's book value in non-power producing modifications or an SUV with at least 5500 lbs. of curb weight. Traditional trucks can also qualify here, depending on locale (southern states' percentages are higher). All vehicles are also mandated to have at least 19" chrome alloy wheels, regardless of make. The typical wigger is also characterized by a strong desire to adorn gold jewlery (especially heavy gold chains) and athletic warm up suits. All equipment and clothing will be paid for by the parents of the individual in question, or the parents of said individual's "shorty" through the use of said shorty's credit cards.

A general disposition of "hard" will be displayed among other wiggers and to kids around their neighbohood (usually labelled a 'subdivision' or 'gated community' due to its mass produced housing develoment origins). This disposition will immediately be dropped and replaced by a more typical "white boy" disposition when in the presence of actual African Americans ( with exceptions: Those whose origins trace to the suburbs being the most prominant.).
Wigger: "Yo kid, you best be watchin' ya step!"

Typical Suburban White Girl: "Didn't you get that Do-rag at Hot topic?"

Wigger: "Yeah, well.. you know how we do!"
by Socialcommentary2000 January 11, 2004
A white guy pretending to be a black one. You know, the kind of guy who walks around in Puffa jackets, with afros, and then wonders why people beat him up when he goes out at night.
"Fo' shizzle, mah nizzle, what's up with you, dawg!"


"No beef, man, no beef!"

by Solidus September 24, 2003
Wigger - W(annabe-N)igger
by Anonymous September 25, 2003
A piece of nasty, disgusting, wannabe black, stupid, ignorant, white trash who tries to act black because he thinks it makes him look cool; Low life.
Look at that wigger over there with his Fubu shirt, what a faggot.
by j00 November 18, 2003
A pejorative term for a caucasian kid ("white" person) who mimicks language, dress and mannerisms of black ghetto kids.
by uncle beef July 17, 2002
A White Kid pretending to act like hes Black, s/he has appalling spelling and grammar skills and usually finds it hard to speak proper english.
Wigger: Whaddit be up 'omie

Normal Person: What?

Wigger: Yo Nigga Be it up to My omiez down frum da westside of da bronx Brutha Know whaddym Sayin

Normal Person: Learn to speak english

Wigger: whaddu yooz talkin bout niggah, diz iz inglish innit?

Normal Person: No, Thats oompaloompaish or whatever foreign language you speak
by Brother Number One May 30, 2004
wigger-(n.) one who suffers from "ghettoitis", a disease that occurs mostly in caucasion high school/ college aged males (mostly from rich, white families and suburban homes having 2 or more expensive sports cars or SUVs), causing them to believe that they are african-american and from "the hood", and they they are "missundastood" and will "bust a cap in yo ass" if you "be playa hatin'", they feel driven to listen to rap music as an attempt to blend in with african-american society, sometimes even listening to other sufferers of ghettoitis (ex. eminem, vanilla ice) to feel an even stronger sense of belonging. there is no cure for this illness but it has many side effexts, such as tripping over ridiculously large pants and boots, wearing funny hats, and speaking ebonics, as well as annoying all of those around them.
-"fuck you wigger"
-"yo step off son get out of ma grill i'm'a bust a cap in yo ass fool dont make me get ma dawgs on yo ass, its about to get bloody in in here, i'll get ma shawty to sit on yo ass with her ghettttto bootay!"
-"yo dawg y u frontin?"
by sarah April 29, 2004
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