A sad, pathetic little creature who deserves to get his azz kicked by both whites and blacks alike. The typical wigger is a 15 year old white boy in the middle of puberty who has no sense of self, and certainly no self-respect, who embraces the mannerisms and lifestyle of societies worst, the inner city gansta. An odd phenomonon indeed. With role models to look up to such as Vanilla Ice and Eminem, this person will live have a sad, dead-end life.
When Jonny came home for dinner last night, his mother noticed with shock another black eye on her little boys face. Daddy turned to him and said: THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING A WIGGER. NOW EAT YOUR WHITE BREAD AND MACCARONNI.
by Jeff February 11, 2005
One fucked up person.
Guy 1: that dude's a wigger!
Guy 2: man! wtf is his problem?
Wigger: sup my niggas?

*guy 1 and 2 beat up wigger*
by SuperSonicX August 20, 2004
A complete waste of skin, young, dumb, and full of come suburaban white kid nigger wannabe. They worship niggers and want to become one.
Look at that wigger over there grabbing at his ball sac and wearing his cap sideways. Let's go and bitch-slap him."
by Running out of patience July 19, 2008
n. contraction of "white nigger" or "wanna-be nigger"

a "white nigger" is a white person who grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood, and as a result acts, speaks and dresses like he or she is black. If you call someone a wigger meaning "white nigger" you are insulting their culture, and social background.

a "wanna-be nigger" is a white person who wants to be cool, and as a result acts, speaks and dresses like he or she is black. If you call someone a wigger meaning "wanna-be nigger", you are calling them a poser, and a sell out to their race.
Eminem is such a wigger!
by Webster Papadopolous July 11, 2004
Wigger-n.Wanna be black person, or a white person that for some reason thinks there black.
Wigger 101
My new hooked on wiggers learning program. 14 easy steps to be a stupid ass wigger, listen closely.

1. Learn the native language ( dis, dat, fo sho, skreet, axe, playa, foo cracka, snap...ect.)

2. Get your latest edition of Dubs even though you're probably 4 years to young to drive.

3. Make a "Gang" and threaten to kill people with your "guns".

4. Say "nigga" so you'll fit in, and it's the most you can get away with.

5. Wear a jersey half on half on, that way you won't be too hot or too cold.

6. Spend all of your drug money on "platinum" so it looks like you got into a fit with a roll of tin foil.

7. NEVER wear a hat the right way either: upside down/backwards, sideways/upside down, right side up/to the left, backwards/up your ass.

8. Get clothes 3 times too big just incase you need to make a parachute.

9. Wear your pants to your knees for easy access.

10. Buy any of the following clothing brands: Ekco, Phat Farm, South Pole, or Fubu.

11. Write a few raps. Ex.- Yo yo yo, I da noo santa ho ho ho, yall look at me da playa, sittin on ma sleigh-ya, ya betta not mess with ghetto santa, cause cracka I am da daddy macka...werd to ya mutha homie!

12. If someone has a "beef" do ever think of resolving it humanly, shoot them.

13. Walk with a limp, even if you don't have crap in your pants, it will be in your head.

14. Drink the following beverages daily: Crunk juice. Pimp juice, Ice-T, and so on.

..........HAPPY WIGGER DAYS...........

-No offense to real black gangstas...offense only to white wankstas.
by [[Mrcr]] December 18, 2004
A White boy who takes the Gangsta rap image too far by embodying the worst aspects of inner city sterotypes. For the majority of wiggas, retrieving information about "the hood" comes from listening to corporate produced, mass marketed, bubble gum "fad rap" albums from the likes of 50 Cent and The Game. Wiggers usually have trouble conversating in an intelligible manner of any kind and have a tendency to drive around in their mommy's or daddy's motors, listening to the latest "fad rap" album because it makes them feel oh-so "hard" in an otherwise safe surburban setting.
Wigger: "Yo, wassup my niggas, how's it hangin' black?"


Black Man 1: "Yo, you just shot the Wigga, cuz"
Black Man 2: "A white Boy. He wanted equality. I gave it to him. Now he's just a statistic like the rest of us"
by J. T August 20, 2006
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