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A white person, normally male, who has adopted the African American 'hip-hop' culture. Usually starts out by listening to hip-hop, and 'gangsta' artists, but soon falls deeper into this culture. The suffix "igger" is meant to mimic the word Nigger. The diffeence between a nigger and a black man is simple. Black people are normal human beings (who CAN listen to solely hip-hop) that do not try to act "hard" and use uncomprehensive slang. However a Nigger likes to wear clothes that are too big, leave the price tags on their clothing to show how much one paid for the particular item, and wear large logoed name brand clothing. They also exaggerate the fact they are "strapped", usually means carrying a 9 millimeter handgun. Of course the wigger simply means white nigger, as in a caucasian who has the nigger lifestyle. Claiming to have been from the streets, and been with many women, or "bitches". The personality of one such person usually consits of negative attitudes. Such as: speech or actions behind an enemy's back, uncomprehendable slang, spineless, evasive, and weak. 95% of the time one such person's freinds are exactly like him. Most end to have very then light colored facial hair, and wear large chains said to be platinum and diamond crested, however these said chains are usually from a quarter machine made to look real and have no value whatsoever. Most tend to have a nickname meant to make them sound younger, or cute, in attempt to attract women.
Wigger: "Yo young blood, raise it for a true pimp."

Nigger: "You know how we do shortay!"

White person: "Hi Roy, are you going to the bar tonight?"

Black person: "Yeah, I'll be there after work, my career tends to be time conuming."
by Metal_forever June 28, 2006
simply a white nigger (The term is usually used by white people who think if your white you should act, talk, etc. a certain way and not like how black people act. It also is usually an offensive term.)
"...wigger who tries to be black cause i talk with an accent and grab on my balls..."
by paul October 22, 2004
A white person (usually 13 years old to 21 years old) that speaks like actual black people do. They think they're black because they listen to hip-hop and rap music. They purposely speak improperly to try to impress people. They wear clothes that are 3 times their size and wear their hats crooked and it makes them look like complete idiots. They walk down the streets with their "gang" and challenge old ladies in wheelchairs to fight them. When the old lady backs down they actually think they have accomplished something and they jump around saying "OOHHHH!! OHHHH!! damn nigga did ya see dat?!? we jus scared dat ole lady!!" But when the old lady actually challenges them, they run off like cowards and then they make up an excuse as of why they ran, and the excuse is always pathetic. A wigger is white trash that wouldn't last 1 day in the real "ghetto" or "hood" They might think they're tough in their country side of town or their suburbs but, they are too scared to go to an actual ghetto.
Wigger: Yo wat up my nigga?

Black Guy: What the hell did you say?

Wigger: I said wat up my nigga?

Black Guy: *SMACK*

Wigger: Wat dat fo dawg? *Crying*

Black Guy: Because you're white you idiot.

Wigger: I came from da tuff streets of Idaho man! Dey all consider me black dawg.

Black Guy: *WHAMM*

Wigger: *Crying* and bleeding.

Black Guy: *Laughing*
by WickedNinja13 November 30, 2007
One who acts black, but really isn't.
Blake Backinoff throws dice and acts black. Meanwhile, he's bitchfuck wigger.
by Wiggersuck April 05, 2007
an illiterate white kid who don't know shit
jeff p from kohler awning is a fucking wigger
by sandy October 03, 2004
A freakish white-skinned creature that speaks ebonics (See cracker). The best ways to deal with a wigger are to 1) put duct tape over his mouth, 2) take him for a walk to the riverside and beat him to death, 3) drive him to the ghetto, and 4) shoot him right then and there. See also fucktard.
Eek! A wigger! Kill it! Kill it!

Wiggers are such fucktards.
by CaptainGoogle January 20, 2007
The most lowest types of life form in the universe. It's someone (or something) who can't accept who they are and tries to act like someone else. In this case, it's a white person who tries the hardest to be a black person. They think that will be accomplished by typing and talking like they have NO EDUCATION other than maybe kindergarten, wears shirt that fit 3 people, sags like a bitch, wears Jordan shoes, and excessive blings.

But the most common way to tell if someone's a piece of shit wigger is see how he talk/spells, wiggers tend to misspell things on purpose to look cool.

Wiggers also throw around signs when they speak (without knowing what those signs really mean, just throwing around fingers/hands) and when they get fucked up because they offended someone they wonder why.

Lowest types of life form in the universe, a disgrace to human beings.
Eminem is NOT a wigger.

Characterized by a white person who ONLY hangs out with black people, try to fit in by talks/dress just like them, sags, wears Jordans, pick on kids, etc.

(see Dumbass and Douche bags)
by ADFDD111 January 29, 2011
A white suburban person that thinks they're black. They are seen mimicking the mannerisms and clothing of a black ghetto kid. They do this because they think they look cool, when in reality, people view them as pathetic and wannabes, hence the term wigger(Wannabe Nigger). They talk in ghetto slang used by black ghetto kids and are uneducated. Their grammar is an english teacher's nightmare and they can't type properly.

They are one of the prime examples of white trash.
Wigger: "Y000 dAwGz WaTZ G000D EH?!!111ONE!!!111
Translation: Hi, how are you?

Wigger: AW H3LL NAWWWW M4N WAT THE SH11ZZLLEE??!!!!11111
Translation: What? That sucks.

Wigger: KBaI M3N PcE oUt H0MEDAWGZZZ~~~!!!!!!!!
Translation: Later guys.

Wigger: WaT the FAAKIN sHiZzZzZleZZZ M3N IMA cUt U 2NIT3!!! U NO BE MESIN ROUND WIT M3H!!!!!!111111ONE!!!111111 Y U GOIN UP IN MAH GR1LLL BOI????/
Translation: You are an idiot.
by Marco K. May 27, 2010