A white person, normally male, who has adopted the African American 'hip-hop' culture. Usually starts out by listening to hip-hop, and 'gangsta' artists, but soon falls deeper into this culture. The suffix "igger" is meant to mimic the word Nigger. The diffeence between a nigger and a black man is simple. Black people are normal human beings (who CAN listen to solely hip-hop) that do not try to act "hard" and use uncomprehensive slang. However a Nigger likes to wear clothes that are too big, leave the price tags on their clothing to show how much one paid for the particular item, and wear large logoed name brand clothing. They also exaggerate the fact they are "strapped", usually means carrying a 9 millimeter handgun. Of course the wigger simply means white nigger, as in a caucasian who has the nigger lifestyle. Claiming to have been from the streets, and been with many women, or "bitches". The personality of one such person usually consits of negative attitudes. Such as: speech or actions behind an enemy's back, uncomprehendable slang, spineless, evasive, and weak. 95% of the time one such person's freinds are exactly like him. Most end to have very then light colored facial hair, and wear large chains said to be platinum and diamond crested, however these said chains are usually from a quarter machine made to look real and have no value whatsoever. Most tend to have a nickname meant to make them sound younger, or cute, in attempt to attract women.
Wigger: "Yo young blood, raise it for a true pimp."

Nigger: "You know how we do shortay!"

White person: "Hi Roy, are you going to the bar tonight?"

Black person: "Yeah, I'll be there after work, my career tends to be time conuming."
by Metal_forever June 28, 2006
an illiterate white kid who don't know shit
jeff p from kohler awning is a fucking wigger
by sandy October 03, 2004
A freakish white-skinned creature that speaks ebonics (See cracker). The best ways to deal with a wigger are to 1) put duct tape over his mouth, 2) take him for a walk to the riverside and beat him to death, 3) drive him to the ghetto, and 4) shoot him right then and there. See also fucktard.
Eek! A wigger! Kill it! Kill it!

Wiggers are such fucktards.
by CaptainGoogle January 20, 2007
A pathetic creature. The suburbs of North America are their normal habitat. Although they have been observed in rural communities. These misguided youth are identifiable by their slurred speech and extremely over sized falling off pants. They exhibit their low IQ quite frequently by such acts a "throwing up their sign" usually their 2 middle fingers twisted into a W sign but held sideways. Or a peace sign also held sideways. They have also been observed wearying their clothes on backward. Don't be surprised if you see one dancing on the hood of their car while it's coasting down the road without a driver. The newest retarded fad to come out of the hip hop community called ghost dancing.
The dumb ass wigger crashed his car ghost dancing
by Rapsucks1738 January 13, 2007
One who acts black, but really isn't.
Blake Backinoff throws dice and acts black. Meanwhile, he's bitchfuck wigger.
by Wiggersuck April 05, 2007
A white male, usually one that has had a bad childhood, a wigger usually practices a so called "ghetto" lifestyle often imitating that of thugs. They are often seen traveling in packs with more wiggers or thuggish black males. Their vehicle of choice is often a "pimped ride" which when translated into english means their moms old pinto with tinted windows, big rims, and new paint jobs. They are often involved in drugs, and have resorted to forms of prostitution or hustling as they like to say. A wigger is not to be taken lightly because there is no telling what they have done to get the african american male's respect. I assure you that they have seen them do some wild shit. A wiggers biggest ambition is to become a rapper or MC as it were. Though few reach this status, it is never wrong to have a dream. A wiggers speech is often a poor imitation of black speech or a ghetto lingo.
Wigger- " Yo homey dog skeezy, wat is crackin up in heah?"
Civilian- " Im sorry sir i do not speak wigger"
Wigger- "Dont try to play me like that cuh, fo i split you in yo shit"
Civilian- " I am afraid im going to have to call the police."
Wigger- " Nah man dat aint straight, dont be callin the popo up in here"

This usually sparks a scene in which the wigger thinks he is a "bad ass" and so he runs his "bad ass" to his friends crib and "chills" with his homeys or "home boys".
by Michael Dorney November 22, 2006
A male caucasion, usually born and raised in the suburbs that displays a strong desire to emulate African American Hip Hop culture and style through "Bling" fashion and generally accepted "thug life" guiding principles. Ryan James of Roanoke VA is the king of them.
Ryan: Yo my nigga imma drag my feet n shit nigga
Everyone else: Shut the fuck up Wigger
by jakesmiley666 May 06, 2013
a person that embraces the ghetto culture despite coming from a completely different, usually rich background. believed to be a "white guy who tries to act black" because most of them are white and most ppl in the "hood" are black. however if you are white and grew up in the ghetto you have a right to act like it. if you are black and grew up in a rich ass family u do not have a right to act "ghetto", so all the black guys at my school are wiggers.
Ghetto kids couldn't actually afford those "ghetto" clothes, ya goddamn wigger!
by Chicken Fu(ker April 06, 2004
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