1. Wiger is used to describe something that follows a white persons example of somn that is used by blacks (lanuage, music, cars, etc.) and looks/sounds like its white.

2. A white kid who acts black.

3. A car so cutomized that you can't tell the make or model and look like it could fall apart. Manily has a loud sound in a muffler and is assosatited with tuner cars
1. "Dude, that music is written by a wiger."
2. "He is such a wiger."
3. "Yo that wiger car is sick!'
by Cruisemissleking October 29, 2007
Top Definition
a white person who acts black to be cool , but usually ends up scaring other white people
AAAAHHHHHHH! Run, its a wigger!
by david November 19, 2003
white niger
Justin Timberlake
by Jono April 26, 2003
A white bloke who pretends he's black because the way he walks and talks (is actually spelt wigger but who cares)
Who does th@ wigger think he is chatting th@ crap
by ...???... May 09, 2004
Misspelling of the word "wigger"
Wiger rhymes with liger
by El Pedro December 14, 2005
noun. A wiger is a white person that acts like hes black. Some people will say that its a combination or "White" and "Nigger" but the actual combination is "Wanna be Nigger". Wigers wear long shirts, real baggy pants, non-folded hats, and usaly a fake ass chain. I am a white boy and im proud of that. Also a specific name of Poser.
That White boys such a Wiger.
by BrandynMcCartney January 24, 2008
a white person who grew up in the ghetto then moved to white suberbia and is frownd upon this is used manly by white people
look at that dumb wiger, he thinks he grew up in the ghetto or something
by stephanio May 06, 2004
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