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noun. A wiger is a white person that acts like hes black. Some people will say that its a combination or "White" and "Nigger" but the actual combination is "Wanna be Nigger". Wigers wear long shirts, real baggy pants, non-folded hats, and usaly a fake ass chain. I am a white boy and im proud of that. Also a specific name of Poser.
That White boys such a Wiger.
by BrandynMcCartney January 24, 2008
noun. 1:The "Hood" means a place that is very crapy or ghetto. The ghetto is in Detroit, Queens, Compton, Exc. The "Hood" is usaly filled with blacks and some whites. It is somtimes a good place to live because it is cheaper. The "Hood" can also be in a trailor park or bad apartment complex. 2: A piece of a jacket or sweater that goes over your head to cover it up.
1: Are we gunna go chill in da "Hood" tonight

2: Put ur hood up brandyn its cold out there!
by BrandynMcCartney January 24, 2008
A GhostWriter is a person who writes lyrics or songs for other artists and rappers. This is what I do i am a Professional Ghostwriter my name is Lil Mac. Ghostwriters are a huge help to artists. I actuly write for som1cant mention who that is signed by Universal Records and Warner Brothers Productions. Also Kanye West who is a huge hit uses a ghostwriter. me i charge $75.00 per song but most ghostwriters charge around $500.00-$1000.00!!! But people who have the money do it and somtimes its ok. Not all singers/artists are good at writing lyrics. thats where ghostwriters like me come in. If u wanna be an artist u can be Email and ill help u out with the lyrics! I also have connections with people you wouldnt beleive. so if u have what it takes im here for ya!
1: Kanye West had a Ghost Writer write the song "Stronger".

2: The amazing Ghost Writer Lil Mac wrote the song "How I Ride"
by BrandynMcCartney January 23, 2008
noun. African-American word for Detroit. Here in michigan we say "Im from the D" because it sounds cooler. black people think its sweeter and i agree.

Wut up lets go hit up the "D" tonight!!
by BrandynMcCartney January 23, 2008
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