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3 pies on a stick. A food-stuff playing on Wigan's love for the pie.
Am of up't road for a wigan kebab.
by Ginger Prince July 09, 2003
meat and potato pie in a barm cake
i'm starvin get us a couple of pies and pasty, no actually getus some wigan kebabs
by bolton February 09, 2005
The act of two or more young males double/triple/quadruple penetrating the same vagina in unison with each other
"Do you nice young boys fancy stuffing me up the flume?"

"Too right love, me and the lads here will give you a Wigan Kebab!"
by Tony Blizzard January 20, 2010
Pulling a fat slapper after last orders and doing it up a back alley (in all senses of the word)
I was so drunk last night I'd only realised I'd had a kebab by the stains on my shoe
by Lord Percy July 10, 2003
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