Terminology used by low-life to describe their pistol. When one gang member asks another "where's wifey", you know it's time to leave because they are referring to the location of their gun and not their wife or ho or both.
Hey Hank, where's wifey? It's time to do that Spencer dude from the show the Hills, he's such a Nancy. While we're at it, let's give him a wedgie and a haircut!
by mikeverdill July 15, 2009
Wifey: (Latin-American; S. California)(adj.) A term used to describe a prostitute who is most favored by her pimp, often due to her ability to make the most money; also see bottom bitch
Pimp: "Yo, my wifey made 10G's this week"
by A Mexican-American Pimp April 02, 2011
Behaving in a wife-like manner, i.e. nagging, bossing, controlling, answering questions for someone (when he can answer for himself), telling someone how to drive, where to park and how to do the simplest things in life (like he could never figure it out if you weren't with him).
My daughter went with me to the pharmacy. I said I was there to pick up my prescription. The clerk asked me my name. My daughter answered for me. The clerk then asked for my address. My daughter answered again. I told her to stop being wifey. I'm not stupid and can answer for myself.
by Tom Oviedo June 21, 2009
A girl that a man really cares about more than just a girlfriend but less then a wife.
(A) You coming to chill at bobs yard
(B) Nah gotta see da wifey
(A) 4get da wifey chill wit ur bredrins
(C) Low it man is all loved up
by Madie April 28, 2005
Shortened term used to describe a wife beater tee shirt.
the boys were comparing wifeys before they went to the dance.
by canadaday April 13, 2009
Karren April Demano Ore
i love you so much my wifey
by Husby August 25, 2008
1. wife
2. girlfriend
I gotta go call my wifey so she can come pick me up.
by Bettamackz May 05, 2003

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