your girlfriend / wifey material- good enough to be your chick
e.g yeahh blad das ma wifey right der init
by knasha December 13, 2005
A girl that a boy really cares about. Not like all da rest of them B's that guys just get to do math(aka fuck).the boy luuurves this girl.
Paul: Nick is she your wifey?
Nick: yeah
Nick: She is the ideal woman
by Hottiehotts November 09, 2006
a gurl you care alot about, who you tell you love her and ya'll been togetha for a long time
yo gul i love you, i wanna wife you right now
by kilicious101289 August 23, 2004
1. A girl who goes beyond your best friend, but is in fact marriage material if you somehow turn lesbian.

2. A term of endearment towards your best friend.

3. A good friend who helps when guys are hitting on you and are disgusting and unattractive

"Don't talk to my wifey"

"Excuse me, why are you hitting on my wife?"

by Becca No. October 14, 2008
1. It means someone who is your girlfriend but then cause you know them so well shes close to you like a wife but your not married or engaged yet.

2. A girl can also call another girl her wifey, this means they are really tight friends.
1. Nathan asked Tisha to be his wifey because they have been close for bare long.

2. Clara backed Natasha in her beef because that was her wifey.
by Kishana October 30, 2007
this means yo main girl you can have a lot of girls but yo wifey you gon treat her better then anybody she down for whatever she all ways gon be there for you
if her nigga go to jail wifey gon run for him be there through whatever

if her nigga is broke wifey gon mke sure he got the things he needs
by RI RI November 09, 2004
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