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A singlet worn by tradesmen, miners or industrial workers; because of the general belief that any Australian bloke can drink every foreigner under the table and still be sober enough to teach his wife a lesson.
"yeah gonna change into me wife bashers before going to the pub"
by Mattistopheles October 21, 2006
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An Australian term referring to a dark blue singlet. Commonly worn by labourers, the term was derrived from the "rough as guts" hard working men back in the 50's & 60's who had great expectations of their wives; if the wife didn't do what was 'her duty' she would usually get roughed up by her husband.
The greatest example of an Australian male is he who walks in flip flops, wears a pair of stubbies, a wife basher on his his back, an akubra on his head and holds a tinnie is his hand while talking about cricket over the back fence.
by Kris Ramsey February 22, 2006
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