September 1st 1993
a girl was born
but she was no ordinary girl
she was a hamster
a vietnamese hamster
her name was lyn vo
she was the wierdest girl on the planet
Lyn wierd vo: i love you
dduong: eww hamster girl
dduong" jokes love you forever LFMAO
by Dduong February 15, 2009
People say something is wierd when they really think it is cool and they are jealous.
"Sally's boyfriend is SO wierd"
"Ur juss jealous LOL idiot"
by TheDeutschShow December 28, 2009
Wierd is basically the same meaning as weird.
Just people like me have got it into our head that weird is spelt wierd.
How wierd.
Joanne is wierd.
Joanne is wierder then me.
Rather then:
Joanne is weird.
Joanne is weirder then me.
by Yaquta June 12, 2006
to be wierd means you're endifferent. and this is not bad. at all really. you are unique. amazing. and some people may even be jelous.
by ThatWierdJustine February 16, 2010
The correct way to spell the word because I does come before E except after C, which is the RULE.
It's "wierd." "Weird" is just blasphemous to the english language.
by Baileebop. March 09, 2009
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