Anything considered particularly gay. It can also be used for anything that its generally disliked.
Louis Rincavage? Yeah, he's a wiener bucket.
by dolphinolympics May 06, 2010
Top Definition
1.) A person that has had multiple sexual partners. A description usually given to women.

Someone IS a wienerbucket. The bucket represents the vagina. Multiple penises have been inside the vagina. Thus, making the vagina seem like a bucket that "wieners" have been placed in.

This does not include multiple penises being INSIDE the vagina at the same time. Only past and current partners.
Jimmy: Dude, that Samantha girl in our math class is hot! I'm gonna go after that.

Hank: Go ahead. That girl's a total wienerbucket.

Jimmy: Nevermind. Your sister is much more appealing anyways.
by dopedruzzi September 01, 2011
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