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Refers to the missed field goal by Scott Norwood in the Buffalo Bills first superbowl against the New York Giants in 1991
the field goal would have won the game with no time remaining but it sailed wide right, the Giants won 20-19

-infamous term in Buffalo
wide right, no goal,: buffalo always gets screwed over
by JAy686 March 01, 2006
A phrase that announcers use often when calling a FSU vs. Miami football game.
Beitia sets up to kick a 39-yard field goal... it's wide right!
by Jimmy S January 10, 2004
The result of a potential game winning field goal by Florida State (Free Shoes) against Miami in their one sided rivalry
I bet some money on FSU to win against Miami. Beitia sets up to kick a 39-yard field goal... it's wide right....again
by Burt Reynolds February 14, 2004
The way somebody kicks a UM fan in the head.
Damn!! That FSU fan just knocked out that Miami fan with a wide right kick to the head. That poor bastard is going to be crying all the way to Hialeah.
by Larry Cooker March 17, 2005
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