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Refers to the missed field goal by Scott Norwood in the Buffalo Bills first superbowl against the New York Giants in 1991
the field goal would have won the game with no time remaining but it sailed wide right, the Giants won 20-19

-infamous term in Buffalo
wide right, no goal,: buffalo always gets screwed over
#buffalo bills #scott norwood #xxv #wide ride #buffalo
by JAy686 March 01, 2006
NHL team that experienced an incredible amount of luck during its '06 playoff run. They would have never made it passed the Conference Finals if the sabres wouldn't have lost 4 of their top 6 defensemen and one of their best forwards to injury... And they still took it to 7 games. Edmonton had a full head of steam and lost their starting goaltender for the series having to rely on backups... and they took it to 7 games. The hurricanes are a joke of a team, their fan base sucks, they could barely sell out games to the conference finals (pathetic). Caniac is the worst nickname for a nonexistant fan base I have ever heard, those hicks don't deserve lord stanley's cup.
The Carolina Hurricanes may be the Champs but they were deff not the best
#nhl #hockey #stanley cup #buffalo sabres #edmonton oilers
by jaY686 August 09, 2006
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