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Wide boy ususally refers to a working class male who lives in London, and who lives by their wits and wheeler dealings....
That Terry Venables is such a wide boy
by Shedster January 02, 2005
A guy about town. Someone who is a bit of ladies-man! Likes the party lifestyle! Into a few dodgy dealings but still is popular and trendy.
He's a bit of a jack-the-lad, or a wideboy some mite say!
by anon October 01, 2004
Wide-Boy is a person who is able to obtain or make almost anything happen (usually by nefarious means). A Wide Boy is a cut above the common spiv who dealt largely in Black-Market goods and racketeering. The term Wide Boy was in common use prior to 1936
You'd better keep an eye on that one - he's a bit of a wide boy
by KelsonNapper July 03, 2010
standard kingsize rizla instead of slims. allows for a wider but shorter joint.
guy a: hey man, can i bill up?
guy b: sure, i only got wideboys though
guy a: dont worry about it then
by RABBiT:) October 30, 2008
a twat
what could be a good band name?

how about wideboy generation? it makes us sound like a bunch of cunts
by qrspriory January 25, 2009
Someone who dabbles in many areas.
Referring context is usually in work.
If someone is a sparky and a plumber and a handyman; you might say he was a wideboy
by Anonymous9909 April 25, 2007
a large chocolate log, which takes it name from being exteremely wide and chocolate-like.
Stu: Man, this pepperami really is a wideboy!

Andy: No. THIS is a fucking wideboy!
by iron_liam August 11, 2008
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