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1: An Australian company engaged in the manufacture and distribution of high quality risque swimwear and underwear for women.

2: incredibly well versed ut player
a: fierce and vicious ut player that is known to pwn in the ut community

b: going beyond reasonable or predictable limits marked by mischief and mayhem.

3: evil or morally very bad small slender active carnivorous mammals that are able to prey on animals larger than themselves.
a: Is she wearing that hawt wickedweasel_ bikini I saw the other day?

b: Is he being pwned by that hawt wickedweasel_ I saw teh other day?
by Mark Reinizzle January 12, 2008
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Sometimes considered one of the sexiest bikini's or unreal tournament players.

Aside from being the best of the line in terms of swimwear, wickedweasel_ is mostly known in the eWorld for his elite skills in gaming. - Sometimes referred to as aimbot or haxxor, he roams around the ut community like a hawt chick at a bikini shop.
Hawt sex! its the wickedweasel_!
by shawn weasel January 12, 2008

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