The sound made when an elephant trips over
you shoulda heard the whump when i stuck out my leg and the elephant tripped over and hit the ground
by shane aisbett June 30, 2004
Top Definition
A fandom term, commonly used by fan fiction authors (particularly in the Stargate genre) to describe physical and/or mental abuse laid on a character in a story.
She was known to be a shameless Daniel-whumper in her fanfics, inflicting every possible form of torture on the character, from hangnails to decapitation.
by vegemite April 15, 2005
The sudden ball of emotion that socks you in the stomach when you realize you are really falling hard for someone.
After their passionate kiss on the front porch, all she could think was, "Whump."
by mcstill May 16, 2007
the noise one makes when eating chocolate biscuits without having a drink to hand to wash them down.
"Stop whumping down my ear i'm trying to get to sleep!"
by Jasper Jo May 15, 2006
A straight-up bitch ass nigga or a poser or just sombody who dont know how ta "Keep It Gangsta"
U nutten butta Whump
by Bone Doggy March 04, 2004
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