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a muffin that let itself get eaten by everyone
man at least 15 people have had a bite of that slut muffin
by shane aisbett June 25, 2004
evilpoonani being a box that has taken on the persona of satan.
The antichrist in the form of a womans vagina
the earth was torn apart and fire rained from the skies - it was the coming of the evilpoonani
by shane aisbett June 25, 2004
a group of houses grouped together outside of city which were known to be traded to sausage smugglers in hungry in the years after ww2, it has been said that some villages were swapped for as little as a dozen sausages.
The hungarian people were so short of food that whole villages were swapped for food in the years after ww2
by shane aisbett June 29, 2004
a household utensil which when taken out with you will allow you to soak up all people who are just out for a root and take them home
i was out on the piss last night and came home with a fully loaded fuck sponge overflowing with people to bang
by shane aisbett June 25, 2004
box of the female kind that used to belong to you but is now no longer yours i.e. you broke up. Another word for an ex girlfriend.
I went out wiv Shazza fa six munths now shes me x box
by shane aisbett June 25, 2004
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