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as defined on "Archer" a whordiot is a cross between a whore and an idiot. A woman of loose morals and highly questionable intelligence.
My soon to be ex-wife is a real whordiot. She walked out on an 18 year marriage with three sons to shack up with a guy 10-15 years younger than she is. How long does she think that's going to last?
by FCKEDOVERBYWOMEN March 24, 2012
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Noun- combination of 'whore' and 'idiot', one who not only dresses in the manner of an idiot but is also known for their overactive, somewhat scandalous and brazen sexual behavior
Girl 1: I'm wearing a toilet plunger as a hat with my string bikini and the words "Satisfaction Guaranteed' written in smeared lipstick on my stomach. What do you think?

Girl 2: I think you look like an idiot.

Girl 3: As this is a singles bar, you look like a whore.

Girl 2 & 3: YOU'RE A WHORDIOT!
by Jurgenatrix July 19, 2012
An Apple user.

A whore and an idiot. A whore because you buy anything Apple makes. An idiot because you can buy a comparable product for half the price.
Shortly before the iPad went on sale, Steven Jobs showed off Apple's latest creation to a small group of journalists. One asked what consumer and market research Apple had done to guide the development of the new product.

"None," Mr. Jobs replied. "It isn't the consumers' job to know what they want."

"I just bought an iPad because Steve Jobs told me to."
"What a whordiot."

"I just got an Apple laptop for $1,800 because an HP laptop was too cheap for $700."
"You're a whordiot."
by FreeFromTheMaddeningCrowd October 07, 2012

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