A white girl with a big ol' booty.
Devante: "Dayum, Darrel! I never noticed Claire had a such a big ol' fine ass! Mmmm mmm mmmh! White girl got it goin' on!

Darrel: Nigga! Claire is what you call a whooty!
by Andy_R89 January 24, 2010
Similar to Booty, but in this case it is a WHITE girl with a Booty... WHOOTY!
Check out that hot white girl over there, shes got a big ol' Whooty!
by GamingGeek May 08, 2009
A white girl with a big booty.
Look at that whooty over there!
by scumber September 09, 2008
A white girl with a booty
Check out that fine-ass whooty over there.
by DonAlejandro August 26, 2008
A whooty is a whit girl with a booty
edubbs tracK is cAlled whootY and alL the dAncers all have Bootys
by deandre gator fisher March 05, 2009
A white girl with a booty.
Ex 1: Wow that white girl has a big booty.
Ex 2: Wow Jennah does NOT have a whooty.
by Lanaaaaa July 11, 2011
White girl with a big booty/ass
Did you see her? She's a real whooty
by TheLioness January 17, 2011

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