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Basically, an uber geek definition (like star wars nerd or a trekkie ) for a person who's a die-hard fan of Doctor Who.

In most cases, Whogeeks will try to coax you into watching several episodes or entire seasons of Doctor who
Just like zombification, your transformation into a whogeek is complete when you start coaxing and inviting people to watch it, to add to the growing horde of whogeekism.
Person 1 - "Dude are you going to Greg's party this weekend?"

Person 2 - " I can't, I got roped into watching an entire marathon of Doctor Who with my roomate and her friends."

Person 1 - "Wow she's such a whogeek"

Person 2 - " Tell me about it..."
by McGriddlen'fries August 10, 2010
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