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Yo homie, ya homeboy, ya nigga, ya round, ya cousin, ya blood, ya brotha, ya boy, the people you came up with. Down to do whatever, your right hand man.
Whats crackin whoadie!
WHOOOOO Daaaayyy!
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
Yo boy, ya nigga, the nigga who got ya back in anything can also replace nigga, dirty, my boy
Whats poppin whoadie
by Malcolm aka Q April 09, 2003
Your friend, particularly someone from the same area of the city as you. Origin is from New Orleans term "ward", how the city is divided.

It began as "wassup 7th waaaar-day", "wassup 9th war-daaaay" and the sound evolved to "whoadie". Eventually people dropped the ward number and started saying "wardy" and "whoadie."
"wassup whoadie, you got that new CD?"
by dantizzle October 25, 2003