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1. A quicker way to say "Who the fuck is that?" or "Who's there?"

2. A sound of surprise and/or confusion

(originated by Bam Margera's father, Phil Margera, upon seeing alligators in his kitchen)
Friend 1: "I was talking to Jason Crisp the other day."

Friend 2: "Who da?"
by Crackbaby July 12, 2004

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A word that means police amonst Hispanic gang memeber. Specifically west coast hispanic gang members.
watch out who da nigga.
by Samuel Vargas January 14, 2009
who is that
whoda onda phone
by mark September 09, 2003
Secret online name for a man who made up the word. Came from black lingo of police or "whoda" and a mixture of "whoda man". Ultimatly proerty of one man....
Whoda emailed me today with some smart ass comments
by whoda December 13, 2004