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a truly scary but hilarious man who should have been given his own television show the minute his butt hit the floor on the day he was born.

has an unholy love for the constitution
Mr. Whitelock gave me detention because I dropped the social studies book, which contains the constitution
by Carrot May 10, 2004
having another white person look after a valuable while you step away for a moment
Lauren: Wait, John, are you sure you wanna just leave your laptop in this coffee shop?

John: Relax, Lauren, I'm having that guy over there white-lock it for me.

Lauren: Oh, right, how silly of me! It will definitely be fine then.
by bigandperfect August 24, 2009
dreadlocks on a white person.
some stupid bitch from jail:"Girrrrrl, what is with your hair, don't you have a comb?"
me:"bitch, they're called whitelocks!"
by karma/liz August 29, 2007
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