has no morals
grew up lower class
sponges off their family
scams their family
That bastard Leslie is White Trash.
by bummed out September 18, 2009
my next door neighbors!
like you need one?
by luh-keen fore knew October 08, 2003
White trash has nothing to do with money, and nothing to do really with how someone looks. You can be homeless or poor without being white trash, conversely you can live in a mansion and be white trash. See Paris Hilton or Britney Spears. Also white trash love to be in tribute bands for when it comes to art they are at best imitators. See Bon Jovi look alikes. White trash has nothing to do with blood line. You can have white trash parents and not be white trash yourself. You can be a Vanderbilt and have a white trash child. White trash is a mind set and a condition of the heart. The term denotes Anglo-Saxon ancestry but can really apply to anyone who thinks this way.
A white trash person revels in being stupid, is proud of it in fact. A white trash person is never ever wrong and never ever to blame. A white trash person is always the victim and never the perpetrator. A truly white trash person does not even know they are white trash. If you think you are white trash, you are probably not, for that means you have lowliness of mind, a white trash person actually has an monomaniacal Ego. They often will try to imitate others that they feel are intellectual or artistic and emulate what they think are socially desirable traits, however their work will have little soul or substance. Example: I have this friend Avery, she thinks she is an artist because she has the money to afford huge canvases but most of her work is ripped off of or copies of other people's style such as Picasso. When she's not pretending to be an artist she is hanging out at bars, which cater to the white trash mystique; dartboards and bad cover bands and peroxide hair.
It's not that a person with a bad dye job or who is stuck in the 80's is white trash; it’s just coincidental that people that enjoy those things have a mindset that is completely atavistic.
There are exceptions to every rule. Even in Gone With the Wind, Margaret Mitchell referred to some poor whites as the {Gentile Poor} meaning that although these individuals were in reduced circumstances that they were individuals of class, taste, and character and the "gentile poor", were always referred to separately in the book from "white trash". Ironically those who judge others for being white trash just because they are poor, are actually white trash themselves. White trash tends to worship and slave after their mammon God Money the most. That is why they have no problem with corrupt business practices with a company like Wal-Mart.
Being judgmental is a white trash trait, as well as being selfish and verbally abusive to others. They love to make others cry and see them hurt. A white trash person is more likely to turn their backs on their friends, stab them in the back, after using what they could get out them. They tend to be social parasites and try to ingratiate themselves into social circles completely for their own personal gain without ever planning to give back. White trash individuals especially the females, tend to be manipulators and very controlling of the men in their lives. They do have a tendency to be in bad physical shape or have poor dental health; although those things do not automatically make a person white trash. Some of the best saints in the world were the most ugly people in the world.
Ironically some white trash are quite attractive and wealthy such as Paris Hilton. A White trash person has no desire for self-improvement like learning a foreign language or reading a good book, or if they do it is only for show, such as having impressive titles on the shelf, or knowing only a few French phrases and claiming to be fluent. See my friend Avery.
She acts as if she were the goddess of art and culture, but people that truly know her inner workings see her for the bottom feeding white trash she truly is.
by Sandra Monday August 06, 2007
Someone who thinks Nascar is a sport. Can be seen on Jerry Springer.
I have two or more yard cars and my name is Billy Ray. I have 10 kids but I live in a trailer. I am usually seen wearing a wife beater. I am white trash.
by French V. May 29, 2008
describing a person that wears Mossy Oak camo instead of RealTree AP HD.
"Look, those guys are so white trash... they aren't even wearing AP HD! What is that? Mossy Oak?
by HuntinDave October 26, 2011
Baby factories that mainly dine on mayo sandwiches and tasty road kill. Best known names BillyRay, BillyJoe, BobbyJoe, ect also see~~hillbillies
Gee, if it wasn't for whitetrash these roads would be full of tasty road kill.
by AI January 13, 2004
A girl who gets knocked up by someone who doesn't want her, so instead leads on a decent guy so she will have a father figure in her inbred baby's life. She enjoys to cause lots of drama when people call her out on being irresponsible even though she's pregnant and will soon have to be responsible for two. She is lazy and will never get a decent job because she thinks everything should be handed to her. Stay away from these dirty girls. They will even get drunk at your house and make a scene. After they have almost succeeded in setting themselves on fire, they will throw up all over your bed and still treat you like you're worthless. They also enjoy hitting on girls boyfriends, and when the girl confronts her about it, Arianna will call you a array of immature names; including but not limiting: slut, whore, cunt, stupid bitch, ect. For all sanity to be saved, stay far away from these crazy women.
Person one: Who is that crazy girl?
Person two: I think her name is Arianna, And all I've heard is that she's totally white trash.
Person one: That explains some things.
by mich? October 16, 2012
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