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Common qualities to look for when identifying white trash in the field:

*ugly-ass girlfriend

*chews tobbacco/smokes

*smells like shit

*either long, greasy hair or short, shitily-cut, greasy hair

*carries around "snacks" at school (a 2 liter of Mountain Dew, a bag or 2 of Doritos, an entire case of rootbeer) and eats said snack very loudly in class.

*wears the same smelly-ass sweatshirt every day

*bad hygiene (often results in horrifying acne)

*wears sleeveless shirts despite complete lack of arm-muscle

*curses often, and loudly

*listens to the same shitty song (miss murder) all the time, loud enough so everyone can hear it

*wears cowboy boots despite the fact that they've spent most of their life in the suburbs and have never actually seen a cow

*has a "trash stash" (the type of mustache obtained when one never started shaving, usually patchy mixes of scraggly hairs and peach-fuzz)

*says the word "grody"

*loves to fight (especially behind safeway), and when not fighting, loves to talk about fighting

*women are almost always fat, men are usually way too skinny

*often associate with emo and goth people, white trash are not necessarily emo or goth, but emos and goths are almost always white trash

*wears the same hat all the time, which makes their hair even greasier and more shitboxed

*often have an ugly, fat-ass bitch for a mother who drives a schoolbus

*white trash chicks are sluts
Holy hell, CHS is infested with white trash, its population has gotta be over 50% white trash!
by wolfpussy69 May 29, 2008

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