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A small metal device added to a car's exhaust pipe to make an annoying screeching brake-like squeal as the car is driven.
by Anonymous February 09, 2003
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it makes a screeching noise inside the eshaust pipes of a car.....the whistles go WOOOO, when you want a WooWoo, its a woowoo, ya know what im saayin, its just fo decorashon man just fo decorashon, thats it an thats all, the do it fo decorashon, but...its only in da monin, yo supposed to be cookin breakfast or somethin, so its like an alarm clock...WOOWOOOOO
ya dawg, i got this tight ass whistler tip installed by bubb rubb and lil sis yesterday, it makes the sound: WOOWOOO
by E dawg February 15, 2004
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A quick and discrete addition to any muffler, the whistle tip is welded inside the muffler to produce an ear drum piercing noise upon acceleration in a car. This noise can be heard for nearly a mile. A recent craze started on the sreets of Oakland by Bubb Rubb (see definition), often described an going "woo-woo."
Nearly every muffler shop in Oakland is now installing whistle tips in a recent fad started ion the streets.
by Dredogeast October 22, 2003
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1. Whistle tips are only for dekarashun, das it and das all man
2. That's only in the mowning
3. You posed to be up cooking brehfis for somebody anyway
4. Yeah I got it on my car
5. it's actually being installed on my car
6. I just lied
7. Whistle tips are devices that allow you to blow stopsign
8. What you wanna Woooo Wooooooo?
9. Whistle tips never trip off the flowmasters
10. Roxanne Burns is a bitch
11. Marcello Cabrera is still installing them to this day, despite the ban
The whistles go Woooooooooo
It's that Wooooo woooooo
So why mothaf***ers gotta be tripping off a lil' mothaf***er put on a lil whistle tip, a lil sound a beauty, a lil chrome to his car?
by my name iz jus fo dekarashun February 16, 2005
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The whistles go wwwooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
"That's only in the mornin'. You supposed to be up cooking breakfast or somethin, so, it's like an alarm clock: wwwoooooooo WOOOOOOOOOOOO!
by codewarrior04 March 22, 2003
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when you give someone a titty twister and make them whistle
Making someone whistle while getting a titty twister
by Mike Andrews October 20, 2003
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