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The act of pushing someone's head down a (preferably used) toilet. Flushing said toilet while doing so will result in:
1) Gaging noises (ie. gulgulgulfluussssshhhhhh)
2) A messed up face & hair of the recieving person
Damn, Alex gave me a whirly today.

If Max continues to refuse cooperation, maybe a whirly or two might change his mind...
by WhirlyBill May 16, 2006
Whirly is another name for a helicopter.
1. Do you know how to fly a whirly?

2. Damn, the cops are chasing us in a whirly!
by Lance Vance November 18, 2004
"i've got the whirlies" means having a nauseated feeling induced by narcotics
by lauren August 31, 2003
When a girl is finishing off a guy and he yanks it back and spins the hanging jizz around in circles while hitting her in the face with the dangling cum.
So, i totally gave this girl a whirly last night
by the deconstructionalizer March 25, 2010